Support Us! 

Since 1980, Opportunity Matters, Inc. has been creating opportunities that empower individuals with physical and/or cognitive challenges and their families to reach their full potential. 

Cash donations will go toward the extra needs at our sites as resources are being applied to recruiting and retaining employees. 

Please give generously – your gift is vital to Opportunity Matters' efforts to help our clients and individuals in the community with cognitive and/or physical challenges live independent, fulfilling, and healthy lives. 

Employees remember making a gift donation of $ can be set up as a direct with drawl out of each pay check to go towards the clients served and sites each year!

Think your support doesn't help?  Think again!  

If you have questions about donating to Opportunity Matters, please contact Regan Stommes at (320) 240 - 1900 x 210 or email us.

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