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Behavior Consulting

Opportunity Matters' Behavior Consultation services provides caregivers with the information and skills necessary to understand and change challenging behaviors and improve the performance with desirable adaptive skills of persons they serve.
These services adhere to nationally recognized Applied Behavior Analysis certification standards, and comply with MN 245D regulations on person-centered service models and the use of positive supports. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific discipline that relies on Functional Behavior Assessment to identify what is preventing persons from reaching their full potential, and evidence-based intervention models designed to help them succeed. 
Services available through Consulting Opportunities include:
For more information on our Consulting Services contact:
Sam Pierskalla,
Program Services Director @ (320) 240-1900 or by email
A woman helping a man paint green on a white piece of paper.

Free Initial Consultation Meetings Provided - Behavior Consultants can, and usually does include a combination of services based on the needs of the referred person and their caregiver, or "support" team. Our experienced consultants are available to meet with you free of charge to identify what services or service package may be right for you. 

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