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Consulting Services Description

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) - (40 hour package) Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) is a process of identifying what environmental factors are related to behaviors of interest or concern.  FBA's are commonly employed in situations where caregivers are faced with a person engaging in challenging behaviors, and are interested in finding effective behavior interventions that can help the person better succeed in their current setting(s); however, FBA's are also useful in determining how best to teach new or replacement skills.  This package includes the implementation of standardized interview and survey tools, a review of historical records, direct (naturalistic) observations of the person, collection of pre-treatment (or 'baseline') data, and the development and presentation of a full summary report including recommendations for interventions and other supports.
Functional Analysis (FA) - (15 hour package) Occasionally, the measures used within a traditional FBA are not conclusive enough to provide adequate recommendations for behavior interventions.  In these situations, a Functional Analysis (FA) is usually recommended.  This package involves experimental modification to the person's environment under carefully controlled conditions, as well as a summary report and recommendations. Important: Our experienced consultants will help you identify where and when an FA may be appropriate; as it is a particularly intrusive procedure that obtains fast and efficient results at the expense of some risks to the person and others present within the setting where the FA occurs.  FA will only be implemented following sufficient informed consent with the person or their legal representative, and within a setting where the safety and well-being of all persons can be maintained. 
Positive Behavior Support Plan - (25 hour package) Based on the recommendations of a FBA, this package includes the development of a written plan (i.e. instruction manual) outlining the proactive and reactive methods to be used in the behavior intervention, creation of products, worksheets, and other materials to be used within the intervention, training with caregivers on how to implement the support plan, observation of implementation and re-training of caregivers, and follow-up consultation to maintain the intended behavior change.
Essential Lifestyle Plan/ Person-Centered Support Plan - (15 hour package) Includes structured interviews with the referred person and their chosen support team and development of a supports outline that identifies the person's goals, values, preferences, and clarifies how the person wishes to receive their supports.  This package also includes caregiver training on person-centered planning basics and the individualized support plan developed for the referred person.
Professional Crisis Management Practitioner Certification - (package varies according to practitioner level) Professional Crisis Management is a nationally recognized advanced system for crisis management and prevention that focuses on shaping new skills to reduce the likelihood of future crisis.  Certificants learn Crisis Prevention, Crisis De-escalation, Crisis Intervention, and Post-Crisis Intervention procedures.  More information about PCM and Certification levels can be found at: 
Functional Behavior Assessment
Functional Analysis
Positie Behavior Support Plan
Essential Lifestyle Plan
Professional Criss Management Certification
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