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Employment Frequently Asked Questions 

* What are the minimum requirements for employment?

Opportunity Matters requires all part-time direct care employees to be at least 16 years or older and be able to speak and read English. The organization requires applicants to have a valid driver’s license with a driving record with limited citations and violations. Also, applicants should have a clean background.

* What are the most common available positions and typical hours?

The majority of our positions available are for part-time direct care employees. A majority of our part-time direct care position includes shifts on every other weekend. Part-time hours on the weekdays are typically evening hours; either second shift, overnight awake and/or sleep hours.


* As a direct care staff, what are some of my general responsibilities?

Common responsibilities of direct care staff include; medication administration, meal preparation, running client goals and activities, and assisting clients in others areas of need, such as personal hygiene and appearance.

* Does the Organization have a dress code policy? 

Employees providing direct care services at our sites are not expected to dress business oriented; rather, casual clothes are acceptable so long as they are appropriate in terms of exposure of the body and are not found offensive, harassing, vulgar, or derogatory.  Closed-toed shoes must be worn and cover an employee’s entire foot, excluding open-toed footwear only when job responsibilities would not potentially cause harm to an employee’s foot. Employees are required to dress according to their position and responsibilities with regards to professional representation within the Organization and community. 

Have a question that is not listed or need further explanation?  Please contact us with any inquiries.

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