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Employee Exit Survey

Instructions: Thank you for your time and consideration. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey to the best of your ability as Opportunity Matters, Inc. values your feedback and will utilize the results to assist OMI in identifying organizational challenges, opportunities, concerns, and positive employment aspects. The first set of questions are within 5 categories. Please complete the following questions using the scale provided.

Job Duties: 
Position Held:
The position I held was satisfying?
The position I held was challenging?
Sufficient training was provided to perform my job effectively?
The workload was manageable?
The work environment was safe & comfortable?
My supervisor was knowledgeable.
My supervisor was open to staff suggestions.
My supervisor recognized employee contributions.
My supervisor treated all employees equally and fairly.
My supervisor encouraged and supported teamwork among staff.
Staff worked well together.
The site/department was adequately staffed.
The site/department ran efficiently and effectively.
The site/work-team was accomodating to my needs.
The highest quality care was provided to our clients.
Management treated all employees equally and respectfully.
Management was available to discuss job related issues.
Management provided developmental and educational opportunities.
Management welcomed suggestions and feedback.
Management recognized employee contributions at all levels.
Pay and Benefits:
I believe I was compensated fairly for the work I completed.
The benefits I was eligible for were desirable.
REASON(S) FOR LEAVING (please check contributing factors that apply)

Please provide your input and feedback regarding the following questions as Opportunity Matters will utilize your feedback to address important concerns and issues and continue to make positive organizational improvements.

Disclaimer: Opportunity Matters, Inc. values your opinions and insights and appreciates you taking the time to complete this survey. Survey results are anonymous, confidential, and non-retalitory; furthermore, if you would like to discuss any answers or other concerns, please feel free to contact Human Resources, or Regan Stommes, OMI CEO.



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